23 Mar 2008

Lisbon Safest City in Europe

Lisbon: Europe's Safest City (again)

While greater coverage of crime in the mainstream Portuguese media appears to have generated a growing sense of insecurity among the locals, a study conducted by a consortium -- including Gallup, EU and the UN's UNICRI agencies -- has found that Lisbon is the safest [large] city in the European Union.

As opposed to accessing police crime registries, researchers interviewed thousands of inhabitants (between 1,200 and 5,000) in 18 countries to assess their own personal experiences with crime.

The "European Crime and Safety Survey" said the Portuguese capital was the safest, with only one in ten saying they had ever been affected by crime.

At the opposite end of the scale, the report, published earlier this week, unveils London as the most dangerous capital in which to live. London topped the crime league table, with 30 percent of the British capital’s residents saying they had been the victim of theft or burglaries.

Besides London, other crime hotspots identified by researchers were the Irish Republic, Estonia, Netherlands and Denmark, where “insecurity” rates were all at least 30 percent above the European average.

Source: www.the-news.net

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